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With a flexible cab chassis and variable cargo space, the W4 CC is customizable to fit your fleet. It’s the ideal truck for last-mile delivery, specialty trades, and more.

  • The W4 CC offers up to 150 miles of range when fully charged
  • Configurable cab chassis to the specifications that your business requires
  • An impressive and capable 7,000 pounds of payload capacity



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Step Up to Electric Delivery

Get the step van that’s powering zero-emission last-mile delivery – ready to roll your way today. The W750 has everything you need to make the switch to EV deliveries with confidence; all the range you need to conquer last-mile routes with power to spare.

  • 150 miles of range on one charge
  • 5000 lb. payload capacity
  • 750 cubit feet of cargo space
  • Monitor vehicle performance, optimize routes, and track vehicle maintenance with Metron™ telematics
  • Class 4 vehicle
  • 118 kWh battery


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Engineered for Day-in, Day-out Delivery

Rethinking fleet delivery vehicles from the ground up to help drivers get more done than ever before. The Workhorse W56 is all-electric and ready to roll, with a spacious cargo hold, hefty payload capabilities, and enhanced driver ergonomics.

    • Up to 150 mile range on a single charge
    • Over 1000 cubic feet of cargo space
    • Advanced telemetrics tracking, with fleet monitoring available from any device
    • 10,000 lbs payload


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Logistar 400 is a Class 4 truck designed primarily for urban delivery and freight covering two significant markets including city delivery fleet and upfitters.

Logistar 400 is ideal for the various demands of today’s challenging delivery market. Logistar 400 can be used by walking couriers or as cab over/forward trucks for box delivery and cutaway delivery vans.

  • 490.9 ft³ cargo capacity
  • Cargo box size (LxWxH) 147.6 x 76.8 x 74.8 in.
  • Max speed 62 mph
  • 143.7 in. wheelbase
  • 7755 lbs. payload
  • 84 mile range EPA
  • 14,400 lbs. gross vehicle weight
  • 50 kw rated power
  • 85 kw peak power



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Cenntro’s LS300 sets a new benchmark for all electric commercial work trucks. With 370 cubic feet of storage space and a payload of 3307 lbs., the LS300 ready to meet the demands of any job-site or service: parcel delivery, contractor, or agriculture.

  • 3307 lb. payload capacity
  • 370 ft³ cargo space
  • Max speed 62 mph
  • 273 mile range
  • Fast Charge DC 30-80%: <2 hours
  • Slow Charge AC <17.8 hours


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(OFF-ROAD USE ONLY) TeeMak is designed to meet the demands of farms and ranches, corporate campuses, warehouses, construction sites, or trailing and hunting.

    • Max speed 34 mph
    • Dimensions 158 x 63 x 85 in.
    • Bed size 78 x 61 x 16 in.
    • Payload 2204 lbs.
    • Max range 47 miles
    • Gross vehicle weight rate 4630 lbs.
    • Battery type LiFePO4
    • Battery capacity 11.5 kwh

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